2007 Fabric Postcards - Mailable Art!

Postcards are approximately 6 x 4 inches and have a white cardstock pre-printed postcard backing (see picture below). Because they are thicker than regulations allow for a postcard, postage is 39 cents and there is a non-machinable surcharge of 13 cents, for a total minimum postage of 52 cents (check with your postal agent to be sure this is enough postage - but it should be). Cards are engineered to withstand the rigors of the USPS. Made Timtex and quilt batting, using various fabrics, fibers, ribbons and other embellishments, such as buckles and beads. Many feature machine quilting and are finished with traditional quilt bindings.
Click on the picture to see more detail and description.
All postcards are unique and one-of-a-kind, although similar pieces may be ordered, if supplies are available.
Prices include careful packaging and mailing to you via first class mail.


Dream $15.00

Lady Liberty $15.00

Shiny Green $20.00

Let's Play! $10.00

Friendship $10.00

Purple Party $20.00

Blue and Gold $10.00

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