Width: 33.5" Length: 35.5"

This quilt was juried into Alzheimer's: Forgetting Piece by Piece - an exhibit of 52 extraordinary art quilts about Alzheimer's disease that is traveling throughout the United States since August, 2006 and until October, 2010. Buy the very moving exhibit book here. The Crooked Path was also used as an example of unusual uses for Angelina in the book More Amazing Angelina by Betty Blaise, which you can see here.

The path traveled by Alzheimer’s victims is long and crooked and gets narrower and narrower as time passes. After moving through some of the stages of grief, I now accept what is happening to Dad and I just want to BE with him, for as long as I am able.
Until he crosses that portal into a world that I can not share …

Daddy, let me hold your hand while you walk the crooked path? I love you!

This is a whole-cloth quilt. I started with a white polyester/rayon blend, and painted in rainbow colors in a crazy quilt style, starting with a pentagon and moving outwards. I burned a hole in the center of the smallest pentagon to illustrate the border into a different reality, when Alzheimer’s takes away your grasp of the real world totally.

I used Jacquard paints, sometimes Lumiere, sometimes Neopaque and sometimes Dyna Flo or a mix of two or three and sometimes mixing in Pearl Ex – another Jacquard product. Binding is a commercial cotton print, treated to a paint wash with Pearl Ex mixture to make it shimmer. Sleeves are also a commercial cotton print – painted (because it was really ugly stuff – LOL). All painted fabrics are thoroughly heat-set.

The back is a black cotton/linen blend, batting is polyester. Quilting was done echoing the pentagon shapes and the brush strokes, using color-matched variegated cotton threads on top and Sulky Sliver in the bobbin – which made a really nice effect on the black backing. The label is printed on fused holographic-white Angelina.

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